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Five Must-See Exhibitions This Autumn 🍂 

Autumn is officially here. With longer nights and colder days it’s easy to give into temptation and stay inside with cosy jumpers and mugs of hot chocolate; yet there are some major must-see… Continue reading

The American Dream: Pop To The Present

Spring 2017 saw the arrival of one of the year’s biggest exhibitions at the British Museum in London. The American Dream: Pop To The Present, is the first art exhibition solely dedicated to… Continue reading

Post Urban Glamour

Lhouette Art Exhibition At 45 Park Lane In London. Park Lane went pop at the beginning of February with the launch of the Post Urban Glamour exhibition by artist Lhouette at 45 Park… Continue reading

Les Demoiselles D’Avignon

Les Demoiselles D’Avignon, painted by Pablo Picasso over a hundred years ago, is considered as the most important painting of the twentieth century. But what is Les Demoiselles D’Avginon about and why is… Continue reading

The Original Pop Stars

Pop is probably one of the most well-known art movements in history; so well-known and widespread in fact that it has even become a photo filter. The key players were Andy Warhol, Roy… Continue reading

Botticelli Reimagined

One of the most celebrated artists in history, Sandro Botticelli, is an infamous name that immediately brings to mind two of the most famous paintings ever created; the ‘Primavera’ and ‘The Birth Of… Continue reading

Wanderlust Hotel – Pam Glew

Check into the Wanderlust Hotel where the private lives of guests and workers are exposed in a series of bleach and dye textile artworks by British artist Pam Glew. I first came across Pam… Continue reading

Diamond Dust ‘Playboy’ Collection – Simon Claridge

2016 kicked off with the release of Simon Claridge’s latest collection of diamond dust art. The new body of work launched at London’s Playboy Club earlier this month and are currently displayed at… Continue reading

Drawing In Silver And Gold: Leonardo To Jasper Johns

Metalpoint is a technique dating back to the fourteenth century and is used to this very day. Featuring artworks from across six centuries Drawing In Silver And Gold is the first exhibition dedicated to this… Continue reading

Camden Street Art

You don’t always have to visit a museum or gallery to view art collections, sometimes art is right on our doorstep. With a melting pot of creatives in the thriving urban culture of London,… Continue reading

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