Diamond Dust ‘Playboy’ Collection – Simon Claridge

2016 kicked off with the release of Simon Claridge’s latest collection of diamond dust art. The new body of work launched at London’s Playboy Club earlier this month and are currently displayed at… Continue reading

Drawing In Silver And Gold: Leonardo To Jasper Johns

Metalpoint is a technique dating back to the fourteenth century and is used to this very day. Featuring artworks from across six centuries Drawing In Silver And Gold is the first exhibition dedicated to this… Continue reading

Camden Street Art

You don’t always have to visit a museum or gallery to view art collections, sometimes art is right on our doorstep. With a melting pot of creatives in the thriving urban culture of London,… Continue reading

What is Modern Art?

When looking at a Renaissance masterpiece and a modern day example, the differences in style, technique and subject matter could not be more diverse. Indiscernable subject matter and questionable modes are more commonplace… Continue reading

Out Of The Dark

Pennsylvania-born artist Patrick Guyton depicts scenes reminiscent of Far Eastern art. Guyton’s work draws influence from the leafing practice of the fourteenth century Japanese Kamakura period where gold leaf, rather than paint, was… Continue reading

All About Audrey

The hottest exhibition of summer has arrived, Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon at the National Portrait Gallery. This landmark gallery is playing host to a once-in-a-lifetime retrospective of one of the most… Continue reading

Diamonds Are Forever

In 2007 British artist Damien Hirst shocked the art world with ‘For The Love Of God,‘ a human skull cast in platinum and encrusted with diamonds. The title of the piece, whilst alluding… Continue reading

Wonderland at Mead Carney Gallery

We all have our favourite artists and photographers whose work we adore and revisit their creations time and time again in books and online catalogues; but it’s quite another to get the chance to… Continue reading

Fallen Angels

For hundreds of years religion was the dominant theme in art. Dating back to the Medieval, Gothic and Renaissance movements, paintings of devotion were hegemonic and reflected the piety of the time and… Continue reading

Savage Beauty

“I’m a romantic schizophrenic” – Alexander McQueen I first heard that a retrospective dedicated to Alexander McQueen at the V&A last year and instantly purchased my ticket online.  After an enduring seven month wait, the… Continue reading