Post Urban Glamour

Lhouette Art Exhibition At 45 Park Lane In London.



Park Lane went pop at the beginning of February with the launch of the Post Urban Glamour exhibition by artist Lhouette at 45 Park Lane. Featuring brand new artworks in a collection of over fifty originals, Lhouette is the ‘artist in residence’ at Park Lane until 3rd April 2017.

‘Voodoo’ & ‘Little Miss Sunshine’

Displayed over two floors in the foyer and bar, the exhibition is a culmination of Lhouette’s most iconic styles, themes and imagery from the last five years. The visually arresting artworks and striking colours with references to pop culture have become his trademark style. Accents of urban street culture that feature predominantly throughout his works and merged with a Warholesque flare, add a contemporary twist to classic images of pop art.

‘Last Orders, ‘Duck Hunt’ & ‘Little Miss Sunshine’

Lhouette’s  unique art is created on unconventional canvases such as forklift pallets which are transformed into an explosion of vibrant colours and imagery built up in layers and often finished with high gloss varnishes or perspex overlays. The combination of the rough ‘canvas’ juxtaposed with a glossy exterior finish alludes to the fusion of the coarseness of urban street art and shiny pop art.

‘Leia – Material Girls’

One of the stand out pieces for me is ‘Leia’ from Lhouette’s ‘Material Girls’ collection. The classic pose of Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in Star Wars, is spray painted on top of a Star Wars print bedsheet from the 1970s consolidating vintage and contemporary into one art piece. A classic Lhouette piece, the collection title exemplifies the clever twist that Lhouette applies to his artworks. The ‘Material Girls’ collection also featured Pamela Anderson, Madonna and Blondie; the collection title not only nods to the famous Madonna song, but is also literal. All created in the same style on vintage fabrics, they are quite literally ‘material girls.’


Post Urban Glamour runs at 45 Park Lane 2nd February – 3rd April 2017

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