Sopwell House Spa Break

Mondays aren’t easy at the best of times and the cold, damp grey Autumn weather makes Mondays even harder. With that in mind, last week I decided to have an alternative to the Monday routine and booked myself in for a day break at the spa in Sopwell House which is located in a leafy part of St. Albans in the Hertfordshire countryside.

After a quick tour, I donned my white fluffy robe and set myself down on the lounger by the luxurious pool. With floor to ceiling windows that looked out onto the beautiful surroundings, it was the perfect setting to become absorbed in a new book – The Girl On The Train. This really is the book everyone is talking about, to me it seems like the Gone Girl of 2016 and kept me transfixed until lunch time. Keep an eye out for a review of The Girl On The Train coming soon on Teacup Moment.

When white robes are the dress code du jour, dining becomes sophisticated relaxation. Lunch was served in the main restaurant with a beautiful buffet variety of different salads, cured meats and fish. The main courses on offer were a selection of hot meals including roast chicken, beef casserole and spinach and ricotta ravioli. I kept my starter light with pasta salad, mozzarella, grilled peppers and pitta bread before my main for which I chose beef casserole with vegetables.

Having a buffet of miniature desserts meant that I could try a little bit of everything. The tiramisu and chocolate mousse were absolutely delicious, light and full of flavour, the perfect choice for any chocolate lovers. I had never tried lemon and basil posset before, this dessert had a smooth texture and the combination of flavours complimented one another very pleasantly. Finally, the mango mousse was light and fluffy and a great palette cleanser to finish of the meal; with a glass of fizzing prosecco as the finishing touch, my meal was completed to perfection.

Post lunch, I resumed my poolside position and made my way through several more chapters and penned some editing notes for my debut novel which I cannot wait to finalise and publish. Then as evening began to descend, I enjoyed a herbal tea in the relaxation room before a jacuzzi session watching the sun setting across the trees.

My experience at Sopwell House, of the staff and the facilities, was delightful and I will visit again soon to try out their other services and classes.

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