Stylist Live 2016

Weekends were made for spending time with your girlfriends and these times were made even better with the pop-up Stylist Live event. Over four days, 13th-16th October, the Business Design Centre in London’s Angel was transformed into an issue of Stylist Magazine. I secured my early bird ticket a few months in advance for Saturday 15th October and this is what I got up to.

The afternoon started with a pre-event lunch and prosecco for three at one of all-time favourite restaurants Mem and Laz. With a delicious Meditteranean menu and situated just around the corner from the Business Design Centre, it was the perfect choice for us. A post on this hidden gem of a restaurant will be appearing on the blog soon so stay tuned and follow Teacup Moment.

Upon entering the event, we were treated to a complimentary glass of Chambord and then began to navigate our way through the range of numerous pop-up stands. Large blown-up Stylist Magazine covers were suspended from the ceiling and with stands including well-known and independent designers, it was like walking through the pages of Stylist.

You would be forgiven for thinking that an event aimed at women would be all makeup and fashion, there were several features at the event aimed at promoting and encouraging independent women in business. These included becoming a Stella & Dot jewellery stylist, book signing Laura Bates at Waterstones and a talk by business owner, and founder of Shavata Brows, Shavata Singh and this was the seminar I attended.

When booking the ticket I was offered a range of talks that I could choose from. I chose Shavata Singh because I was intrigued to hear her story on how she created her business on her own when she saw a gap in the beauty industry market aimed at brows and started the very first Brow Bar. Shavata was a very eloquent and elegant lady, both in the way she spoke and how she presented herself. Although I don’t have my own business, I work full time as an Art Consultant and run the Teacup Moment blog, I was intrigued to know just how she did and managed it all. Shavata shared a gem of advice for just that. “Life’s a juggle and occasionally you’ll drop a ball. Just pick it up and carry on juggling. Don’t punish yourself.”

Shavata also pressed upon the importance of friendship and how women should support one another. In her words “united we stand, divided we fall” and it got me thinking on just how true that statement is. I am so grateful for the strong, supportive women in my life; whether they be friends, relatives or colleagues, and how their strength became my strength.

When the talk was finished we regrouped, and after a couple of French martinis at the champagne bar, we headed straight to Urban Decay. Here I got a pro lesson in the art of contouring and picked up a couple of tips for my skin type. Being prone to oily skin, I frequently have to combat shine and touch up my makeup. I was recommended the makeup setting spray and eyeshadow primer to help fight the shine and keep my makeup in place all day without those annoying eyeshadow creases. As well as this, there was 30% off the Naked smokey eye palette so naturally I picked up one of these too.

I got a health kick at Itsu. Looks like beef twerky, seaweed crisp thins and sweet chilli prawn crackers are going to be my snack foods for the next week. A last stop at Waterstones where Laura Bates, Janet Ellis and Jo Malone were book signing; we picked up some reading material including ‘Girl Up’ signed by Laura Bates, and ‘The Girl On The Train’ which I automatically added to book club list.

An event for women by women, my girlfriends and I will be back next year for more seminars, fashion and beauty exclusives; and of course no event would be complete without a trip to Godiva for dark chocolate covered strawberries!

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