Vogue 100: A Century Of Style

The couture is to die for, the photography is sublime – a stunning combination that becomes an art form in its own right. Celebrating a century of style, the latest photography exhibition at London’s National Portrait Gallery, Vogue 100, is dedicated to one hundred years of British Vogue.


The exhibition displays a wide range of photography that has appeared in Vogue’s glossy pages since 1916. This journey of fashion through photos is a crash course in fashion history that takes you on a journey decade by decade from the magazine’s founding right through to the present day; illustrating how fashion has evolved throughout.

You would be forgiven for thinking that on display would be photo after photo of supermodels and notable giants of the fashion world. Whilst this is a natural inclusion and large component of an exhibition dedicated to a fashion magazine, there are more intriguing aspects within the collection.


Of course there is the usual parade of models; Moss, Campbell, Turlington and Evangelista to name a few, which themselves are likely to be big crowd pullers in this age of celebrity. For me, however, the real stars of the exhibition are the magazine features of some of the most influential creatives that helped to shape the cultural landscape of the twentieth century.

Features of important artists such as Henri Matisse, Francis Bacon and Damien Hirst have graced the pages of Vogue. The inclusion in a world influencing fashion magazine thus exemplifies the undeniable link between art and fashion and how the two worlds cross over.

There is also the exquisite photography from some of the biggest names of the field, Bailey, Beaton, Demarcheli and Testino to name but a few.These talented individuals go hand-in-hand with the breath-taking couture creations from some of the greatest designers in history.


Vogue 100 is the must-see fashion exhibit of the year and is on now at the National Portrait Gallery until 22nd May 2016.

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