Diamond Dust ‘Playboy’ Collection – Simon Claridge

2016 kicked off with the release of Simon Claridge’s latest collection of diamond dust art. The new body of work launched at London’s Playboy Club earlier this month and are currently displayed at Castle Galleries nationwide.

In the collection, Claridge re-imagines six covers from the archives of the infamous gentleman’s magazine in his unmistakeable style. The resulting pieces, covered in monochromatic diamond dust, are elevated from magazine cover to fine art. The simplicity of the monotone nature lends the vintage images a contemporary edge and an added sophistication; whilst simultaneously being provocative, chic and sexy artworks.


Andy Warhol has been a major influence in the work of Simon Claridge – as has Marilyn Monroe. Warhol famously designed a pop art cover for Playboy magazine in the 1980s which  reinforced the relationship between brands and Pop art and transformed the Playboy bunny logo itself into an artwork.

image   image    image

Marilyn was the first cover and centrefold feature of Playboy magazine and was infamously immortalised in Warhol’s unforgettable Pop Art painting of the actress in what became one of the most iconic images of the 20th century. Monroe was also the focus of Simon Claridge’s last diamond dust collection, bringing the Warhol influence full circle.

image            image

Simon Claridge’s diamond dust Playoy collection is available to view now.

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