Camden Street Art

You don’t always have to visit a museum or gallery to view art collections, sometimes art is right on our doorstep. With a melting pot of creatives in the thriving urban culture of London, art spills out onto the city streets.


The vast white and unadorned walls, doorways and sides of buildings become blank canvases to transform the streets of London into an open-air gallery. The borough of Camden, infamous for its hub of creativity and alternative culture is an ideal area to view some of London’s best street art.


The aerosol stenciled figures of Wonder Woman and modern day music icons such as Amy Winehouse stare down at passersby from doorways whilst Disney’s Jafar is held at gunpoint by military soldiers as commuters wait for their bus. The art is eclectic and woven into the fabric of the borough. Each piece has purpose, whether it is an homage to a well-known figure or delivering a political message, they are all executed through a fusion of urban culture, street and pop art with a dash of Banksy.





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