Out Of The Dark

Pennsylvania-born artist Patrick Guyton depicts scenes reminiscent of Far Eastern art. Guyton’s work draws influence from the leafing practice of the fourteenth century Japanese Kamakura period where gold leaf, rather than paint, was used as colour in art.


His work is created on different backgrounds of gold, silver and composition leaf; he then paints on top of the delicate material using thinly applied pigments in a method that stems from the glazing techniques used by seventeenth century Flemish masters.

His combination of two historic art practices makes the colours of finished pieces play and interact with light. The effect bestows a modern dimension to these traditional art techniques with colours that interchange throughout the day. A blue artwork will appear teal in daylight, but in the evening the same piece will appear cobalt as a result of the light reflecting from the silver leaf behind it.


Each painting has two sides to it with the different effects achieved through lighting. The minimalistic and ethereal atmosphere contained in each work alludes to the soothing nature and sophisticated simplicity of oriental art.

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