All That Glitters

She famously sang “Diamonds are a girl’sIMG_0643a best friend” so it seems only appropriate that Marilyn Monroe has been immortalised in a series of diamond dust artwork.

In collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox, contemporary artist Simon Claridge has created a series of silk screens, on display in the heart of Mayfair, depicting the iconic movie star.

Sourced from the vaults of Fox film studios, Claridge has re-imagined iconic images of Marilyn Monroe by transforming famous photography film stills into fine art. As well as the famous publicity shots for films such as “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and “How to Marry a Millionaire”, there are also test shots that show Monroe in a comfortable and unprepared guise.

Created entirely in diamond dust, a trademark of Claridge’s work, the final effect has a beautiful and magnetic charm to it that exudes appeal just like Monroe. The special quality of diamond dust ensures that the same art work cannot be viewed the same way twice.IMG_0641a Depending on the light it is placed in, it will reflect and shine differently.

Setting sunlight, midday sun, artificial or dimmed light, all will have a different effect on the same piece and show it in a new light. A characteristic such as this seems appropriate for Marilyn who was also never seen in the same universal way and had so many demeanours. She was an open book yet she was also cautious, known by many but understood by few.

The images are all in monochrome black and white diamond dust have a glittering silver-like quality to them which resonates Marilyn’s status as a star of the silver screen. Her famous quote, and title of one the pieces, sums up the mesmerising collection perfectly:

 “All of us are stars, and we deserve to twinkle.”


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