The Enchanting World of Oleg Oprisco Photography

123576-6814980-____by_oprisco-d5z8qj1In today’s digital age images can be captured and given perfect lighting with expensive equipment and colours can be altered at the touch of a button with photo editing software and mobile apps. However Ukrainian born photographer Oleg Oprisco is bucking the trend by using traditional film “you press the shutter button but do not know what happens. This is the real magic.” Relying on natural light for his work instead of lighting equipment, the results are breathtaking.

Drawing upon 123576-7150370-407inspiration from real-life, which he describes as “the perfect source of inspiration because there is so much beauty to it,” his photos resemble a fantasy contained in an everyday setting.

I believe that the viewing experience is different for everyone, and for me when I view his photos it’s like being drawn into a dream and becoming lost in a parallel fairytale.

Born in the small Ukrainian123576-6922947-406 town of Lviv, Oprisco moved to Kiev where he worked as an assistant to an advertising photographer. Although he was making money, it did not bring him creativity and he subsequently left and embarked upon taking his own photos.

Oprisco’s creativity and imagination come to the fore in his mesmerising photographs that are both beautifully haunting and intriguing. The ranges of 123576-6814974-390colours in his work blends seamlessly together. Prior to shooting, Oprisco plans the overall colour scheme before selecting the location, props (which can take days to make) and costumes ensuring that they compliment the pre-conceived colour range.

Without the aid of expensive equipment, refusing to use Photoshop or other photo manipulation software and opting for film over digital123576-6814977-800px photography, his formula for creating a good photo is a simple one: Good idea + preparing + originality.

The end results speak for themselves and are indeed proof that it is not expensive equipment that creates a good photograph, but inspiration and an original concept.

All photography by Oleg Oprisco.

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