Artist Textiles Picasso to Warhol

An impressive collection of textiles, some on display for the first time, are housed in "Number Please?" Dalithe latest exhibition to arrive at the Fashion & Textile Museum. The displayed fabrics are adorned with prints by iconic artists such as, Miro, Dalí, Chagall, Matisse, Warhol and, one of my favourite artists, Picasso. Featuring designs of from contemporary art movements of the last century, Fauvism, Cubist, Surrealism and Pop for instance; the history of twentieth century art is presented in an array of stunning fabrics bursting with colour and creativity.???????????????????????????????At the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries, in a move towards making art relatable to everyday life and less elitist, many artists began to explore and branched into textile design. This practice became increasingly popular in the post war era which saw a revival of society and culture and brought with it a desire for "Fish" Picassomodernity. One such way to show an allegiance to modernity was through the acquisition of modern art. Other than owning an original artwork, clothing and furnishings was a way to connect and engage with modern art.

As well as the beautiful collection of scarves, dresses and fabrics on display by giants of modern art is a display entitled “Picasso Unseen”. A highlight of the exhibition, it showcases two textile projects from the early 1960s carried out by the artist which until ???????????????????????????????recently were almost unknown.


The highlights of the exhibition for me were “Surreal Things”; “Modern Masters”; “Picasso Unseen” and “Pioneers of Pop”.  On the whole, what this exhibition reveals is that whether in painting or textile format, the extent of the artists’ creativity is evident to see. The fabrics seem to live and breathe their work and imagining these designs depicted in oil paint on canvas is no stretch of the imagination.


Artist Textiles Picasso to Warhol runs at The Fashion and Textile Museum until 17th May 2014.


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