Dita von Teese Perfume Launch

The day was cold and windy, the sky was covered with a thick blanket of grey cloud and the torrential rain from the p3revious night threatened to make a second appearance. It was uncharacteristically cold for this time of year and the sombre tone of the weather was only broken up by the pops of colour that were the commuters’ umbrellas. At face value you may be forgiven for thinking that this was yet another dreary day in London. However, outside one of London’s most iconic department stores, there was something stirring on that rainy Tuesday morning in May.

Gathered outside the iconic store Liberty over an hour before it was due to open was a queue of mainly girls, the majority of which had come in 1940s style clothing. Dressed in my black and white flower print pencil skirt, long sleeve burgundy coloured top and black ???????????????????????????????cloche hat (a bargain I picked up in New York) I was part of the throng that had descended upon central London and congregated outside Liberty that morning. It was apparent to all that there was something in the air for this appeared to go beyond merely waiting for a store to open. As I stood waiting for the hands of the clock to reach 10am, a passerby stopped to ask why everyone was waiting to which I answered “Dita von Teese – she’s coming here to launch her perfume.”

The crowd grew restless as the store clock struck ten, the expected arrival time of burlesque royalty Dita von Teese. An undercurrent of anticipation was brewing as everyone was on the lookout for a sign that she would soon be there. We knew our wait was over when a black vintage car pulled up to the front of the store – she was here. Everyone abandoned their position in the queue and ran towards the car eager to see Dita in the flesh. I couldn’t see through the crowds but after IMG_1218ashe had been escorted inside, and we all resumed our positions in the queue, I was able to see through the window to the section of the perfume department that had been allocated for the launch and caught my first glimpse of the lady herself.

I was part of the first group permitted inside the store to buy the perfume and meet Dita. As I waited with the rest of the select group I felt butterflies at the prospect that I was about to meet Dita von Teese, a woman for whom I have the greatest admiration. Her name is synonymous with eternal style and elegance, considered by many as the most glamorous woman in the world and known for her unique signature look which pays homage to the 1940s and is always immaculately presented. Today was no exception. As the queue grew shorter, there she was. Seated at an elaborate table decorated with a small vase of red tea roses was Dita von Teese. Dressed in a floor length jewel green dress designed by Herve Leroux, and her trademark look of red lipstick, nails and hair styled in the 1940s fashion, she was every inch the embodiment of true 6glamour. Every movement she made was graceful and elegant. When it was my turn to meet Dita, I was struck by how flawless her skin was and that she looked more beautiful in real life than any photo I’d seen of her. She signed my perfume and a card that she personalised; taking time to make sure that she correctly spelled my name which she said was “very beautiful.”

After meeting Dita, I and many others, was in a state of elation. She had made an impact on all that she met during her two hour signing, and the impact was one of euphoria. She is truly a remarkable person who evokes glamour, poise, grace and beauty with ease. Although I waited over one hour in the cold, drizzly weather on a London street for under a minute in the presence of Dita von Teese; it was entirely worth it and I don’t think I would wrong in saying that everyone else who attended the launch would be in agreement with me.