Marilyn Monroe Exhibition – Getty Images Gallery

One uneventful morning whilst I was online checking my emails and Facebook notifications, I happened upon an exhibitpic11ion purely by chance and I knew instantly that I had to see it; in fact I went to view it the very same day. The Getty Images gallery just off Oxford Street was hosting a free exhibition that featured photos of one of the most famous women of the twentieth century – Marilyn Monroe.

Although I can count on one hand the number of her films I have seen and even though she passed away long before I was even born – there is something about Marilyn that demands attention and still conjures up excitement and intrigue nearly fifty years since the untimely death of the pic6actress. Was it a desire to find out more about her life that was tragically cut short? Was it to marvel at the image of one of the most recognisable faces to ever come out of Hollywood? Whatever the reason may be, the mention of Marilyn will guarantee an audience whether it is for an exhibition or a documentary on the life of the actress. The original platinum blonde bombshell, Marilyn made a name for herself in the 1950s through films such as ‘Niagara’, ‘Some Like it Hot’ and ‘How to Marry a Millionaire’ and evoked the glamour of golden Hollywood like no other.

When I entered the gallery I was treated to an extra unexpected delight. Not only were there pictures of the actress aplenty, but displayed behind secure glass cabinets were twelve costumes that were worn by Marilyn in some of the films ???????????????????????????????that she was most famous for. The pink ‘wiggle’ dress she wore in ‘Niagara’, the famous red dress from ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ and the sheer black and nude dress she wore alongside Tony Curtis in ‘Some Like it Hot’ to name but a few. To see the costumes up close, it was obvious how much work had gone into creating these remarkable pieces of cinema history, and hard to believe that they were sixty years old for they looked as good as new and alive with the actress. The colours were still rich and vibrant as though ???????????????????????????????Marilyn had just taken them off moments before. The photographs on display charter the actress from her early days as Norma Jean Baker to the Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe. Some are images that have been widely seen before whilst others are the likes of which are on display for the very first time.

As predicted the gallery had a steady stream of visitors all eapic2ger to experience a little bit of Marilyn. No matter the reason that draws so many people to a Marilyn exhibition it is clear that the glamour and intrigue that she evoked in her lifetime has resonated through the decades to the present day and has captivated more than one generation. The fascination that continues to surround her guarantees that Marilyn Monroe’s star will continue to burn brightly.